Instructional Coach’s Corner

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As an instructional coach, you will have one of the most important role in the school: ensuring that effective teaching and learning takes place. Your role will be recruiting educators to participate in coaching cycles, modeling lessons, co-teaching, being a data coach, coaching for resilience, and many “other duties as assigned.”

Sometimes that line can get blurred, especially when the school needs additional support. Then you become the get-it-done person, scurrying from place to place and doing your Olivia Pope, “It’s Handled.” impression. In the midst of all that, remember to take time to focus on your main goal, which is to provide coaching to teachers. So, how do you engage educators in the coaching process?

One way to to send a letter introducing yourself and advertising your services. The second is to create a Coaching Brochure-4 that explains who you are and the types of supports that teachers can get when they work with a coach. If you are unsure of what to put in your brochure, look at this example. In addition to a letter or a brochure, you can make a video that highlights supports that you can offer as a coach. Click here to view a video.