The Days of Supporting Learners at Home

Who would have thought that the world would face a pandemic and children would have to stay at home? This is a stressful time for the learners, their families and educators all across the world. Teachers miss their children and are trying to determine best methods for providing support for the children. Parents are trying to manage ensuring that their child is still learning, while at the same time trying to provide all of their needs. Children are stressed about being at home and not being able to socialize because of “social distancing.” Yes, social distancing is a way for everyone to be safe and healthy.

I know that not all families have technology access; therefore I located and am sharing resources for that as well.  As I come across more, I will share. Also, if you need anything from me during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. We are in this together. 💜💜💜 Please see below.
At-home activity packets from Curriculum Associates
Worksheets from EdHelper
Help children practice fluency through Fluency and Fitness (You must sign up for 21 day trial)
Scholastic has some Learn-At-Home Activities
Here are some activities that do not require using a computer
Children can select items to complete  from Reading Choice Boards 
Here are additional Choice boards and Menu Items that you can encourage learners to do. There are even a few blank forms so you can create your own boards.

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